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Wheneva Droptail Tee

Wheneva Droptail Tee

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Unisex Sizing

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The Wheneva droptail tee is a T-shirt created with with comfort, style and breathability in mind. Made using a mix of mostly cotton and a touch of spandex to increase breathability and stretchability to the normal cotton shirts, while adding in a moisture wicking element.

This is not your conventional moisture wicking shirt, instead it offers an alternative to those too-tight, too-loose, too-light drifit T-shirts. 

*The T-shirt is oversized and longer in style with a curved hem at the bottom of the T-shirt which adds approx. 4-5 inches to bottom of shirt* 

Sizing: We recommend staying true to size, while keeping the added fabric in mind. This shirt should be treated as a drifit shirt in regards to sizing, as it will hug the body and be a little tighter than normal cotton.

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